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Selva Bananito is a remote eco-lodge at the foothills of the Talamanca mountain range and on the edge of the protected Amistad Biosphere Reserve. The 11 cabins have been built with recycled wood from logging areas, and are spacious and comfortable with beautiful decks, each cabin having two hammocks on the deck from which guests can view the beautiful natural surroundings. This owner managed lodge has sustainability at the heart of its operation and has a very minimal footprint. The cabins are situated on former farmland and are close to the 2,000 acres of protected primary rainforest reserve that guests can explore in a variety of active ways. There is an incredible array of bird species to be spotted both on the grounds and in the reserve, and camera traps in the rainforest have revealed a healthy number of wild cats including the mighty jaguar.

Rooms The cabins are built on stilts in the traditional Caribbean style and using recycled hardwoods. Each has a deck with two hammocks. There are four superior cabins with two queen beds and the decks have spectacular views across the grounds and towards the rainforest reserve. The 7 standard rooms each have a queen bed and a double bed, and decks also have hammocks and are excellent for birdwatching on the grounds. Rooms have solar heated warm water and LED reading lamps powered by solar energy.

Dining occurs in the "Rancho" main building that is candle lit for dinner. Meals are simple, freshly prepared and a set menu that changes daily.

Onsite Guided nature walks and canopy tours in the rainforest reserve are available. There are stables on the property and horse-riding is available for 2 to 3 hour treks and longer more adventurous tours. Birdwatching here is a must with one of the local guides as there are an array of different species on the grounds. For the more adventurous there is tree climbing, jungle tree climbing, hiking with waterfall rappel and the option of a gyrocopter flight over the rainforest reserve. The lodge also offers overnight trips to camp in their rainforest reserve "Following the Footprints of Wildcats", this involves monitoring the camera traps in different locations and sleeping overnight on the jungle platform and cooking on an open fire. The next day the hike goes past the waterfall which can be rapelled.

Our comment: Selva Bananito is a truly unique experience in Costa Rica, we loved the peace and tranquillity lying in the hammocks and listening to the unusual calls of the Montezuma Oropendulas, and the breathtaking beauty of the rainforest reserve, best appreciated from the canopy platform. This lodge is also an excellent place to learn about sustainability and conservation of the watershed, and the work they are doing to protect the surrounding rainforest. For us the lodge is one of those unique places where we felt very connected to the environment, lodge and their conservation mission and often reflect on the experience and privilege of staying there.

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